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She really is having a proper suck at that, like she’s asthmatic and having a go at her inhaler to catch her breath. What the deal is with the 80’s stone-wash underpants look is another story altogether though.

This weekend past I hooked up with a 23-year old girl and I was pleasantly reminded of how amazing their bodies are at that age. It is no wonder that women of my age, middle aged, get jealous of them so quickly, it must be intimidating.

Her enthusiasm was remarkable as well and I guess that’s another plus. She might not be 18 anymore but 23 is still pretty damn young sexually it turns out as despite her being quite liberal she certainly lacked experience. Not that I minded in the least further her education in the subject matter.

It doesn’t hurt that I like petite women and that is probably why I enjoy this site so much. Save up to 72% on Petite HD Porn with this discount where you even have the opportunity the exploit it into a lifetime deal, inflation free forever by merely renewing the monthly membership month-to-month.

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When I was a little kid, I used to watch The Jetsons. They had flying cars, a robot maid, and that cool machine that made full meals for them in seconds. I really thought it was a glimpse into the future. Now here I am a few decades later with a Fleshlight instead of a robot, the same microwave I’ve had since moving out of my mom’s house, and a car that just got scratched up from some asshole’s shopping cart. There are no jetpacks, no teleportation devices, or any of that cool stuff. Thank god for porn. VR sex is the only thing keeping me from declaring the future a bust.

At least virtual reality is a thing now. If you haven’t experienced it yet, then I suggest you get a headset and use this discount for 34% off The VR here is amazing.

Members can expect to get 180 degree 3D videos, head tracking, 360 degree monoscopic videos shot in 4K, and loads of gorgeous models. This is porn that makes you feel like you are part of it. George Jetson would be jealous.

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